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Founded in 2002, Reboot engages and inspires young, Jewishly-unconnected cultural creatives, innovators and thought-leaders who, through their candid and introspective conversations and collaboration, generate projects that impact both the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. 


Six Words Memoirs used by CLIP Interns

Shane Hankins

The Collegiate Leadership Internship Program (CLIP) is an internship experience in New York City that seeks to foster and develop professional and lay leadership in the Jewish community. Housed at the Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life at NYU, CLIP matches undergraduate students who have an interest in Jewish life and culture with engaging, substantive internships at a variety of for-profit, non-profit, and Jewish communal organizations, where they are provided with mentorship and guided development of new skills. In addition to spending four days a week engaged in a professional work environment, interns gather on Wednesday’s for educational seminars.

On Wednesday, July 29th, the CLIP interns participated in a Six-Word Memoir activity run by Reboot summer interns. The overarching theme of that day was Israel, so the activity focused on that topic. The group started with five prompts all on the macro level of Israel, they were: obligation, pride, burden, nation, culture. The second round of memoirs written focused on the micro level: history, religion, media, politics, Jerusalem, conflict. 

A few examples of the memoirs that were given for Culture were:

  • One without the other couldn't be
  • My traditions, my heritage, my history
  • Seinfeld is on hulu- relatable laughs

The CLIP interns ended the activity with a moment of reflection about the activity. All participants agreed that it was a neutral, fun and interesting way to see how other people in the room felt about topics regarding Israel. They said that it made them think hard to condense their thoughts about issues that are generally difficult to talk about and this forum made it very easy to share their inner thoughts.

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