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44 West 28th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10001
United States of America

Founded in 2002, Reboot engages and inspires young, Jewishly-unconnected cultural creatives, innovators and thought-leaders who, through their candid and introspective conversations and collaboration, generate projects that impact both the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. 

Egg Creams, Egg Rolls and Empanadas- Oh my!


Egg Creams, Egg Rolls and Empanadas- Oh my!

Shane Hankins

A Klezmer band parades down Eldridge Street.

A Klezmer band parades down Eldridge Street.

On Sunday, June 19th Reboot set up shop at the Egg Creams, Egg Rolls and Empanadas Festival hosted by Eldridge Street Synagogue on the Lower East Side. Celebrating the rich, multicultural immigrant history of the neighborhood, the annual festival welcomed a diverse visitor population to learn about and honor the Jewish, Chinese, and Hispanic traditions held by residents of the Lower East Side.

Rob manning the Reboot table.

Rob manning the Reboot table.

At the Reboot table, Marketing Associate, Rob Simakovsky and I donned our aprons to collect recipes and host a raffle for Beyond Bubbie. Striking up conversations with festival-goers about mealtime rituals and family memories, visitors to our table painted a multigenerational, multicultural portrait of their own relationships with Jewish foodways.

                                                                                           Fishbowls full of recipes ready to share!

                                                                                           Fishbowls full of recipes ready to share!

Exemplary of the spirit of the festival, Anita Fein shared this story:

Before my husband and I were married, I was invited to my future in-laws to dinner. I’m Chinese and he’s Jewish. I made and served fried wonton.

“Kreplach!” exclaimed my father-in-law.

“Wonton!” I said.


“In my house they’re wonton!”

He smiled and we had a great relationship until he passed away in 2009.

At Father’s Day dinner that evening over vegetable lo-mein, my dad reminisced about staying up all night to the click-clacking of his Jewish mother’s mahjong tiles from the kitchen table, my grandfather spoke of his youth on the Lower East Side, shopping for his mother at Essex Street Market, and I sat intently, writing their stories on recipe cards in my mind.


Zoe Penina Baker is a Program Consultant at Reboot, responsible for developing and implementing events and programming in the greater New York area. As an artist, long-time event coordinator, and Queens native, she has worked for the last 6 years organizing and curating arts programming across New York State. Zoe’s creative practice explores Jewish-feminist themes through interactive food- and textile-based interactive installations. See more of her work here:


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