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44 West 28th Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10001
United States of America

Founded in 2002, Reboot engages and inspires young, Jewishly-unconnected cultural creatives, innovators and thought-leaders who, through their candid and introspective conversations and collaboration, generate projects that impact both the Jewish and non-Jewish worlds. 

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Reboot has been responsible for producing some of the most influential and innovative Jewish books, films, music, digital platforms and large-scale public events of the past five years.

These projects include the National Day of Unplugging, 10Q, The Kibitz, Beyond BubbieUnscrolled, the Sabbath Manifesto, Sukkah Citythe UNDO listthe DAWN Festival, East Side Jewsthe Idelsohn Society of Musical Preservation, and also include growing programs such as Death Over Dinner - Jewish Edition, Silver Screen Studios and more! Over the past three years alone, these nationally-visible projects have become more numerous, diverse and impactful.

Over the last five years:

  • 1,250 organizations have partnered with Reboot, inspiring more than 3,500 events and engaging more than 760,000 people

  • 1.4 million unique visitors have traveled to our website

  • 77,000 active subscribers have signed up on Reboot’s interactive program sites

  • Over 60,000 have made contributions of content to these projects

Discover the impact of one of our main programs, The National Day of Unplugging.


Project Press

Beyond Bubbie

The Wall Street Journal covers “Beyond Bubbie: Tales from the Kitchen” at 92YTribeca.
The New York Times spreads the word on Bubbie.
More on Beyond Bubbie from New York Magazine’s Grub Street.
Los Angeles Times dishes on “Who’s Your Bubbie?”
NBC on Beyond Bubbie’s creation.
The Jewish Journal highlights “Who’s your Bubbie?”
Mercury News discusses latkes and bubbies with Wise Sons Deli.

National Day of Unplugging

Mashable says National Day of Unplugging Wants You to Power Down for 24 Hours
The Today Show with Kellie Pickler
Confessions of A Tech Addict:  San Francisco Chronicle
KTVU TV – Bay Area
It’s Time Again For National Day of Unplugging and Ironically Enough, There’s an App For That: All Things D
Wall Street Journal says Group Offers Sleeping Bags for Smartphones
New York Times Blogs: And on the Sabbath, the IPhones shall Rest Style and An App that Reminds you to Unplug Bits Blog 2011
CBS Evening News – Katie Couric’s Notebook

Sukkah City

New York Times’ Arts and Design says A Harvest of Temporary Shelters
Holiday Tradition Meets Modern Design: Wall Street Journal
Sukkah vs. Sukkah: NY Magazine
New York Architecture Events of the Year (Number 6): New Yorker
Union Square’s High Concept Sukkahs: The Forward
Redesigning Sukkot in New York City: Boing Boing


Social Network for One: Website Offers Visitors Chance to Reflect: Wall Street Journal
New York Times says Atonement and Reflection in a Digital Era
New York Times’ City Room says Ten Significant Questions for the Days of Awe
What’s More Jewish Than Asking Questions?: USA Today
10Q Project: Answer life’s big questions online … Then reread next year: Jewish Journal
Let’s Play 10 Questions: Utne Reader
Big screens, big questions. A religious holiday brings reflection to the Strip: Las Vegas City Life

Six Word Memoirs

Six Words to Fame? Try it!: JWeekly
Reading Roundup: This Week’s Top Literary Events: 7X7SF

Idelsohn Society

Reviving ‘Songs For The Jewish-American Jet Set’: Fresh Air
Jewish Record Store Popping Up for a Month in S.F.: San Francisco Chronicle
Johnny Mathis to Discuss His Links to Jewish Music: San Francisco Chronicle
SF Contemporary Jewish Museum Celebrates Black and Jewish Music: KQED
The Secret Musical History Of…”Black Sabbath”?: NPR


National Day of Unplugging Comes March 23: San Francisco Chronicle
UNDO Unplugs for Technology Free Shabbat: Jewish Tribune of Toronto
Looking for Help Unplugging?: Guide on Fatherhood

East Side Jews

East Side Jews put a new spin on old traditions: The Eastsider LA

East Side Jews Enact do-it-yourself Judaism: Jewish Journal

Reboot Studies

OMG! How Generation Y is Redefining Faith in the iPod Era

Published 2005

A unique survey examining issues of identity, community, and meaning, from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim youth, ages 18-25, across racial and ethnic lines. The findings also represent a snapshot of tomorrow, a glimpse of what may happen when Generation Y matures to the peak of its member’s participatory experiences.


Latte Report

Published 2006

Jewish Identity and Community in a Time of Unlimited Choices: This study delves deeply into the mindset of a Jewish cohort that feel largely positive about their Jewish identities but are unsure as to how their religious identities play out in their daily lives.

Network Evaluation Summary Report

Published 2012

The purpose of this evaluation was to evaluate the Reboot network and explore how Reboot can manage its continuing evolution to achieve increased impact in years to come. 

Making Jewish My Own:  Rebooters on Reboot

Published 2015

This 2014 network-wide study explored the value of the Reboot network and community for network members and sought to understand changes in members Jewish lives as a result of Reboot's programs and projects. 


Community Partner Organization Evaluation: Executive Summary

Published 2015

Reboot embarked on a three-year evaluation (2014-2017) of its core programming. The following summarizes the top-level results and findings from the first set of data collection and analysis completed by Innovation Network, Inc. The data shows that Reboot programs indeed offer new ways for people to make Jewish tradition their own and it is through Reboot’s programs that community partner organizations are better able to provide their constituents with new pathways to Jewish life. 


Published 2015

In 2015, Reboot, Righteous Persons Foundation, and IDEO congregated with a group of filmmakers, rabbis, writers, scholars, photographers, musicians, philosophers and policy makers on a journey of “Redesigning Jewishness.” 

People talked, shared, ideas flowed and we made stuff. Told stories. Created systems to connect us. New tools to rekindle old rituals. Designed new rituals, delivered in traditional ways. New ideas to welcome the curious, engage the lapsed and retain the faithful.

What emerged was the Re/Book, a design thinking manifesto---outlining six core values and user case studies---for the development of new products and projects that reimagine Jewish lives full of meaning, creativity, and joy.

This project has come to life thanks to the partnership and generous support of Righteous Persons Foundation.

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